HC delivery van. 1938-1948

JC delivery van. 1939-1948

PC delivery van. 1948-1952

ASYC delivery van. 1933-1939

CA delivery van. 1952-1969

BYC delivery van. 1937

CF Bedford 1983

CA campervan.

HA (Viva) Van.

Astra Van 1985

Bedford Beagle Estate.

Bedford History

Time-line of Light-Commercial Vehicles

1929- 1931- AC and LQ “Chevrolet Bedford” vehicles produced. Start of Depression.

1931 Production of the first “Bedford” began at the Vauxhall Motors plant in Luton, Bedfordshire.

1931 W series trucks (WHG and WLG-longer) and buses (WHG and WLG)

1932 WS 15cwt lorry

1932- 1934 VYC 12cwt light delivery van from 17hp VY Cadet chassis

1932- 1934 VXC 12cwt light delivery van from 26hp VX Cadet chassis

1933- 1939 ASYC 8cwt 6cyl. 12Hp, 1531cc, 4-speed synchro, 12v, delivery van

1933- 1939 ASXC 8cwt 14hp delivery van based on the Light Six saloon

1934- 1940 BYC – VYC with upgraded engine

1934- 1940 BXC – VXC with upgraded engine

1937 Vauxhall became Britain's first company to introduce the monocoque (integral) chassis.

1938- 1946 HC 10hp, 5/6 cwt van – based on Vauxhall 10 car, but with standard chassis

1939- 1948 JC 12hp, 10/12 cwt van – Based on the J model car.

1946- 1948 HC upgraded to 12hp

1947 Bedford production reached half a million

1948- 1952 PC 12hp, 10/12 cwt, 1440cc, L Wyvern mechanicals, change to column gear-shift.

12 volt electrical system. Few external difference from the JC other than different grill pattern on the bonnet sides. PCV - van, PCZ - chassis only

1952- 1969 CA 10/121508cc, 60mph, 25mpg.

Opt. 4/99 Perkins diesel, initially 3-sp column change.

Initial two-piece windscreen later later replaced as a single glass.

Available in short and long-base vans, or chassis cowl/cab options. Customised often as ice-cream vans, ambulances and camper vans.

1963- 1983 HA 6cwt(HAE) & 8cwt(HAD), 1057cc, Bedford based on the Vauxhall HA car

1964- 1973 Bedford Beagle -an estate car conversion or the HA saloon, based on the van

1969- 1987 CF

Lighter plus heavier wheelbase versions – latter with longer wheelbase and dual rear tyre.1599cc and 1760cc (diesel) / 1975cc 2523cc (diesel) for heavier models

1972 CF Petrol engine sizes uprated to 1759cc & 2279cc

1972- HA -10cwt (HAV)version added

1977 CF Diesel engine changed to a GM 2064cc unit.

1980 Facelift to entire CF range

1983- Astravan (replaced HA)

1984 CF2 – replaced CF range

1987 July CF Production ceased

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The Svenska Vauxhall Register have an excellent series of illustrations of most Bedford vehicles.

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